Ticket FAQ

Can I be notified by email about new tickets I receive?

Yes, complete the form located here: Sign up for email notifications.

Does the City of Chicago offer a payment plan option?

Yes, The City of Chicago offers payment plans so that you can pay your parking, red light and automated speed enforcement tickets in installments. Click here to learn more about payment plan options.

Where can I join a payment plan or make a payment plan payment?

Join a payment plan or make a payment plan payment by following one of these links.

Can I contest a ticket online?

You may contest your parking, compliance, red light camera and automated speed enforcement violations using the City's eContest system. Simply click the "Contest a Ticket" link at the bottom of the ticket search page or click here and follow the instructions.

What can I do if I only have one credit card and need to pay more than one ticket?

You may pay multiple tickets with one credit card provided you do not exceed the $5,000 limit. In an effort to minimize fraud, it is not allowed to repeatedly use the same credit card or bank account in a 24 hour period.

Why am I allowed to pay only one ticket at a time?

You are allowed to pay more than one ticket at a time provided the total amount paid does not exceed $5,000.

Why can't fees such as tow fees or storage fees be paid online?

Once you are towed, you are required to pay in-person at a City of Chicago Payment Center in order to get your vehicle release documents.

If you are booted and have not yet been towed, you can pay your boot fee online if you enroll your tickets in an online payment plan.

Will the online payment system allow partial payments to be made?

No, partial payments are not accepted online at this time. However, partial payments are accepted at a City of Chicago Payment Center.

What do the signs next to a ticket mean on the website?

There are three icons currently used to indicate whether a ticket is payable.

Icon Description
An open checkbox indicates the ticket is payable, and you may select that ticket for payment.
check_circle A green check indicates the ticket has already been paid or dismissed.
warning An orange triangle indicates the ticket is not payable online and it must be paid at a City of Chicago Payment Center. For more information, please contact customer service at (312)744-7275.
What do the ticket statuses mean?
Ticket Status Detail
Dismissed The owner of the vehicle is not liable for this violation.
Hearing Requested Your hearing request was received and will be scheduled.
Liable Determination Entered By Administrative Law Officer Payment is due. A hearing has been conducted and an Administrative Law Officer has found you liable for the ticket.
Notice of Determination A default determination has been entered because the ticket was not paid or contested by the due date. You no longer have the option of contesting by correspondence. You can petition to set aside the default determination by appearing in person at one of four City of Chicago hearing facilities. You must exercise this option within 21 days from the date appearing on the Notice of Determination. Once 25 days have elapsed, a penalty equal to the fine amount will be assessed.
Notice of Final Determination Payment is due. A penalty equal to the original fine amount has been assessed.
Notice of Seizure You have accrued 3 or more final determinations or 2 final determinations older than one year. Any vehicle registered in your name is eligible for seizure.
Notice of Violation You may pay or contest the ticket.
Overpaid You may have remitted an amount greater than the fine amount of the ticket. Please be advised that any refund of an overpayment is subject to verification that the overpayment is valid. Proof of payment may be required. The City will remit a refund if you have no other outstanding tickets. Refunds may only be remitted to the person or business that paid the ticket. Interested in requesting a refund? Please click here and follow the instructions on the Vehicle Refund Application. If you have questions please call (312)744-7275
Paid Thank you for your payment. No further action is required for this ticket.
Payment Pending Your payment was received, and is scheduled to be posted to your ticket(s).
Remains Due The ticket has a balance due. Please make payment.
Booted Your vehicle has been booted. You must remit payment in-person. You can pay your boot fee online if you enroll your tickets in an online payment plan.
Warning There is no fine for this violation. No further action is required at this time.
What payment options do I have if I cannot pay my ticket online?

If you are unable to make your payment online, you are required to pay in-person at a City of Chicago Payment Center.

What is a notice number and how does it differ from a ticket number?

A ticket number is a unique identifier for each violation. A notice number is an account number. You may have multiple ticket numbers assigned to one notice number.

Where is the notice number located?

The notice number can be found at the top of the notice. Click here for sample notices.

Where is the ticket number or citation number?

The ticket number (also referred to as citation number) can be found on the ticket you received on your vehicle or on notices which were mailed to you. Click here for sample tickets.

What information is required in order to search for a ticket?

In order to search for a ticket online, you will need any one of following: ticket number, notice number, license plate number or driver’s license number, as well as the zipcode where the vehicle is registered.

Will I be able to make an online payment even if the search results do not return my ticket number?

Yes, if you recently received a parking ticket and the ticket is not in our system yet, you can still make a payment. Ensure that your ticket number has been entered correctly and hit "continue" on the Ticket Not Found message to make a payment.

You may also send a check or money order to:
City of Chicago Dept. of Finance
P.O. Box 6289
Chicago IL 60680-6289

Please include a copy of your ticket or notice, if available, and print your ticket number or notice number on your check or money. You may also visit one of the City of Chicago Payment Centers.

Why don't all my plates appear when I search by driver’s license number?

When searching by driver's license number, the system will only display license plates which have been registered with the Illinois Secretary of State with the applicable driver's license number. If you have a license plate which you own that is not associated with your driver’s license number, please contact customer service at (312)744-7275 to have your driver’s license added to your plate record.

Why can't I edit my e-mail address online?

You must contact customer service at (312)744-7275 to update your e-mail address.

I'm part of a corporation, why can't I create an e-mail profile?

Many corporations participate in a corporate noticing program and receive notifications monthly. Please contact customer service for more information.

What is the corporate program, and how can I sign up?

If you are a company with a fleet of vehicles, you can execute an agreement to participate in the City’s corporate noticing program. You will be required to provide a list of license plate numbers registered to the company. The company will be notified monthly via e-mail of tickets issued to the plates on the list. Contact customer service at (312)744-7275 for additional information.

Why can't I create an e-mail profile for a ticket that I just received?

It may take up to 7 days for a ticket to be entered into the system. A payment can be made at this time, but you will be unable to create an e-mail profile.

Can I unsubscribe from the e-mail notifications?

Yes, you can unsubscribe using the link in the e-mail sent to you.

Do I have to sign up for e-mail notification in order to pay?

No, you do not have to sign-up for e-mail notifications in order to pay a ticket.

Can I re-subscribe to e-mail notification after unsubscribing?

Yes, you may call (312)744-7275 to re-subscribe or re-create an e-mail profile via the web.

Why can't I see the information I provided as my profile?

For privacy and security purposes, contacting customer service at (312)744-7275 is the only way you can obtain that information.

How can I request a refund?

Please click here and follow the instructions on the Vehicle Refund Application. If you have any questions, please call (312)744-7275.